Our Development Approach

We leverage decades of urban and university planning experience to design and develop vibrant campus ecosystems that benefit their students, their faculty, and their own bottom lines.


This strategy strengthens every aspect of a higher education environment while delivering attractive returns.




Student housing facilities address the shortage of available beds

Millions of qualified college applicants are rejected each year due to lack of  beds on campus. Our long-term investment horizon, mixed-use planning, and advantageous financing enable facilities to be constructed faster and at lower cost than what universities can achieve on their own.

Commercial facilities enhance campus environment and atmosphere

Dynamic learning environments—including mixed-use campuses—have been shown to improve happiness and success among students. Commercial facilities also help finance dormitories, ensuring attractive commercial returns for investors and affordability for students. 

Academic facilities address the shortage of available classroom seats

Classrooms across Africa are over crowded and often poorly maintained. We provide a private-market solution for universities to expand classroom infrastructure to ensure that new facilities are built to last, properly maintained, and capable of accommodating burgeoning demand.

Our Strategic Edge

Through our investment subsidiary, Africa Integras, we invest early-risk capital into the development of mixed-use university communities, bringing affordable financing structures to higher education investment opportunities.



Strategic Partnership

We bring together private investors, foundations, NGOs, local governments, universities, and multilateral and bilateral insurers to ensure that project risk is efficiently managed across multiple parties


Innovative Structure

We ensure affordable financing and strong returns through creative deal structures and tools that enhance credit worthiness.


Our expertise in mixed-use development reduces cost and risk while helping to catalyze urban revitalization.

Comprehensive Design

Our approach balances affordability and urban renewal, emphasizing compatibility with municipal revitalization strategies.


Our Team

Our unique strategy is made possible only by our team. Our entrepreneurial spirit is matched only by our decades of experience.